Race Oncology
Share Purchase Plan

The Directors of Race Oncology are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Share Purchase Plan (SPP). 

This Capital Raising of up to $29.7m will help drive next steps across our highly promising clinical program. The level of funding achieved under this program will ​​dictate how rapidly Race can commercially progress Zantrene. 

Each Eligible Shareholder is being given the opportunity to support Race’s development and apply for up to $30,000 at $3 per new fully paid ordinary share. 

Why is RAC doing an SPP?

To fund the next stage of Zantrene

The Company has chosen to fund the next stage of its journey through an SPP in order to ensure our diverse shareholder base has the opportunity to participate and benefit from the offer.

We are raising funds to drive next steps across our highly promising clinical programs. If we receive the maximum subscription we will be in a strong position to accelerate our path to commercialisation and capitalise on new breakthroughs.

What is a SPP?

A way for existing shareholders to support the journey

A SPP allows companies to issue up to $30,000 of new shares to existing shareholders without the need for a prospectus.

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Why take part in this SPP?

Help Race target Zantrene towards better cancer outcomes

We are entering a busy period of developments of commercial opportunities

Clinical stage RNA focused company targeting multiple cancer indications with estimated annual oncology revenues of >US$2.5 billion

Zantrene® first in class, best in class, most clinically advanced FTO inhibitor

Multiple short-to-medium term, high-impact inflection points including cardio-protection and Zantrene® US IND

Work has commenced to extend Zantrene utility in solid tumours and beyond into new commercial opportunities

Our team is here to help

If you have additional questions about the offer, please submit your questions below and one of our Directors will be in touch with you shortly

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