Everything you need to know about the SPP

Where do I locate the Application Form/Offer Booklet in my Automic account?


1. Login through an existing Automic account or through single holder access

2. Ensure that the HIN associated with the RAC shares is linked to the Automic account. (See the FAQ below if this is not the case)

3. Click the Documents & Statements tab

4. Click the Other Documents tab.

Why can't I see the Application Form/Offer Booklet in my Automic Account?


You may have an Automic account that is only associated with the bonus options issued earlier this year and not linked to your current RAC share holdings.

To access the offer you will need to link the HIN or SRN which currently holds your RAC shares. You can do this by: 

1. Logging in to your Automic account

2. Adding the HIN/SRN which hold your RAC shares

3. Once Automic has confirmed your HIN/SRN you can access the Offer Booklet/Application Form under the Documents & Statements tab.

Alternatively, you can also access the Offer Booklet/Application Form via the Single Access Holding Login.

1. Follow the link to the
Single Access Holding Login

2. Enter in RAC as the company code

3. Enter the HIN/SRN which you hold your RAC shares on (not the SRN which you hold the bonus options)

4. Navigate to the Documents & Statements tab.

What do I do if my HIN doesn't have an X at the start?


You will need to add an X to the start then enter the digits listed on your CHESS Holding Statement or brokerage account.                                                                

For example if your HIN is listed as 12345678 you will need to enter the HIN as X12345678.

Where can I find my HIN?


You can locate your HIN (Holder Identification Number) at the top of a CHESS Holding statement (received in email/mail when you buy/sell shares from a CHESS sponsored broker) or by contacting your broker. 

Your HIN will also be listed in your account details with your online broker e.g. CommSec, SelfWealth, ANZ. 

Where can I find my SRN?


When shares are not registered under a broker they are held with the company’s share registry and identified by an SRN (Security holder Reference Number).

Unlike a HIN, each security holding has a unique SRN. Each time you receive new securities with an SRN a letter will be mailed to the registered address with a holding statement.

If you require assistance, please contact us.

Can I use my Bonus Options SRN to access the SPP?


No. To access the SPP offer through Automic you will need to use your HIN that holds the RAC shares rather than the SRN which the bonus options are attached too.

How do I apply if I did not receive a Booklet or Application Form? 


If you did not receive the Booklet or Application Form and are an Eligible Shareholder, you should click here to access the offer digitally. 

What is the Offer Price?


The Price of Shares to be issued under the SPP is $3.00 which represents a discount of 17.4% of the volume weighted average market price for the Shares over the last five trading days on which sales in the Shares were recorded prior to the date the SPP was announced, being $3.63.

What is the maximum number of SPP Shares that I can apply for?


You cannot apply for more than $30,000 of SPP Shares, on the following basis:

If you have multiple registered holdings, or if a custodian holds shares on your behalf, the maximum amount you may apply to invest (or instruct a custodian to apply for) under the SPP in all capacities in aggregate is $30,000.

• This limit applies regardless of the number of shares you currently hold, regardless of whether you elect to subscribe in Australian dollars or New Zealand dollars.
• The minimum amount is $2,500.

If your investment interest exceeds $30,000, please consider joining Race’s s708 register here

When will I receive my SPP shares?


Issue of new Shares under the SPP and lodgement of Appendix 2A is set for the 21st of December 2021. 

When will I find out my allocation?


You will find out your allocation on the 21st of December 2021.

When will I be refunded any application monies?


Any application monies which are subject to scale backs will be processed for refund on the 21st of December 2021.

Can I withdraw or revoke my Application? 


No. Your application will be irrevocable and unconditional (that is, it cannot be withdrawn even if the market price of the Shares is less than the Price). 

Do I have to participate in the SPP? 


No. Participation in the SPP is entirely voluntary. If you do not wish to participate in the SPP, no action is required on your part.

​​Why is the offer only available to Australia and New Zealand shareholders?


The SPP offer was extended only to eligible shareholders with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand. The Company considered the implications of extending the SPP offer outside of Australia and New Zealand and decided that it would not be practical to do so, given the legal and regulatory requirements and associated potential costs of compliance relative to the number of shareholders and shares held outside of these two countries.

In the event of over subscriptions how will allocations be determined?


In the event of over subscriptions, the Directors will, in their absolute discretion, scale-back Applications. If the Company rejects or scales-back an Application or purported Application, the Company will promptly return to the shareholder the relevant application monies, without interest.

When determining the amount (if any) by which to scale back an Application, the Company may take into account a number of factors, including the size of an applicant’s shareholding, the extent to which Eligible Shareholders have sold or bought additional shares after the record date and the date an application was made. Scale back for Shares held by custodians will be applied at the level of the underlying beneficiary. Eligible Shareholders are therefore encouraged to submit their applications early.

How do I apply if my broker doesn’t use HINs? Or, if my holding is under a Nominee?


If your broker (Sharesies, Superhero etc.) doesn’t use HINs you should reach out to have them make an application on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can contact us to register your interest and we can help coordinate with your broker. 

Our team is here to help

If you have additional questions about the offer, please submit your questions below and one of our Directors will be in touch with you shortly

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